Bathroom Sink Almost Completely Clogged

Instant Power Heavy Duty Drain Opener

Instant Power Heavy Duty Drain Opener

It can be a real pain when your bathroom sink is almost completely clogged: I have never done this before but your heavy duty drain opener worked so well that i wanted to thank you. Your product advertised that it would work no matter what and it did. My bathroom sink was so clogged it would barely drain anymore , it now works better than new thanks so much i will be using your company’s products from now on. Joshua C.

Buying for Just Looks

This was sent in by one of our customers: It’s always a good idea to have a bottle on hand. Several years ago, I purchased a bottle of your Instant Power Hair Clog Remover. I bought it just in case I would ever need it and because, the way the bottle looked, it seemed that it was a good product (LOL). My kitchen sink has been slow for quite some time, and this morning it was totally clogged and we could do anything to get it to unclog. My husband said, “We will have to call the plumber.” I told him to wait for me to find what I had in the house. I thought it might not work because it was so old. I had not read the instructions properly and I poured it down the drain with water yet in it. A few seconds later, I saw that I was suppose to get rid of the water. It didn’t matter that I had left the water in it, because within a couple of minutes my problem was solved. This is absolutely the best plumbing product I have ever witnessed, and I’ve been around a while. Please don’t change the formula. Usually, when I find a good product, they change the formula and mess it up! Vetrea, R from Harvest, Alabama

A Clogged Bathroom Sink – Solution

There are many reasons for a bathroom sink to become clogged and often times it is due to what you are putting down that drain.  Check out this testimonial sent in by one of our customers. … to “Hair & Grease,” to wit, Fixodent Denture Adhesive.  I have had periodic clogs in my bathroom sink where I clean my dentures of old adhesive nightly.  I’ve tried boiling water, baking soda and hot vinegar with indifferent success.  One four-hour soak with “Instant Power Hair & Grease” and it runs like new!  It was recommended by a floor clerk at Orchard Supply in Sand City, CA. Craig C.  

Keep Your Drains Flowing Freely

Great for Unclogging Tubs

Great for Unclogging Drains

I have had problems with slow draining sinks as has everyone. Repeated use of various drain cleaners which at best are NO Good. After a couple of bottles it mightl eventuallly drain. However, I found your product at Wal Mart.” Instant heavy duty drain opener“. Came home and used one application and to my amazement the drain opened and flowed freely. Beautiful!!!!! Three thumbs up for your product. have made a believer/customer out of me. Thanks, Ray M. from Texas

Hair and Grease Testimonial

Here is a product testimonial from a recent customer who used our hair and grease drain opener: Hello I just wanted to say thanks for making a product that actually works. With the economy the way it is I try to do a lot of the house repairs myself to save money. My kitchen sink WAS clogged with who knows what with 3 kids, so i went to Home Depot tried one of the other brands first it didn’t work, I tried my auger it didn’t work, went back to the store hours later I saw the big GUARANTEED on the bottle never tried Instant Power before but it wasn’t expensive so i said i’ll give it a try. Pour half the bottle down the drain waited 30 minutes and we have our sink no more clog. you have just earned another customer will continue using your products. THANKS AGAIN. CARL H.—from IL.

Main Line Cleaner Works Again

A testimonial sent in from a recent customer: I purchased your product, “Main Line Cleaner” on February 04, 2013 as a last resort to a stubborn plumbing problem after everything several alternative efforts failed to undo the clog. I decided to try a cleaner before I took the next step of having to snake out the line which called for a lot of additional work to gain access. I applied the product as directed on the label and flushed it about 9 hours later. I am pleased to say that the lines have never been cleaner and the sinks drain in record time. This product lives up to it’s claims and I would highly recommend it to anyone to try before resorting to the mechanical means of clearing a line. Looking over a large selection of drain cleaning products, I am very pleased at my selection and it ease of use. Keep up the good work. L. Smith – Mesa, Arizona

Bathtub Draining Slow

Do you have a bathtub that is draining slow?  Is it driving you nuts?  Why not try our slow drain solution?   It worked great for a customer in San Antonio..see below. Just wanted to give y’all KUDOS…it works!!  I had plenty of options to choose from and what sold me on your product was the guarantee AND the price…very reasonable.  I’m thrilled that my bathtub drains soooo well–thank you thank you!!  I will be telling all my friends and family about your product!! Jennifer San Antonio, TX  

The Best Drain Clog Opener

We feel that the instant power hair and grease drain opener is really the best drain clog opener on the market.  It is 20 times stronger than most drain openers on the market.  Yes 20 times stronger! That is really amazing.  The tougher the clog…the longer you need to keep the cleaner in the drain.  If you have a really tough clog then make sure you let it sit in there overnight.   That clog didn’t happen overnight as it has been building up over time so let the drain opener sit overnight to have time to break the clog up. Make sure you do not use this in your garbage disposal as it might damage non stainless steel garbage disposals. Use 2-4 cups of the cleaner.

Problems with Your Main Line?

One of our customers recently had a problem with their main line and tried our main line cleaner as a “last-ditch effort”.  So how did it go?  Read her testimonial. Hi, I bought your product recently in a last-ditch effort to fix a problem that would have cost me hundreds had I called a plumber… after using as directed, I tried washing a load of clothes and, as before, most of the water ended up in my basement.  A couple of days later I HAD to do laundry again, & was surprised to find not a drop of water backed up & overflowed!  Apparently the Main Line Cleaner continues to work even farther down the line, given a little time?  After living with this problem for months, I’m thrilled with the results & have been washing everything in the place this week, lol! It wouldn’t surprise me if a plumber’s union tried to get your product pulled off the market!! Thank you, Debra

Hair and Grease Drain Opener Testimonial

To Whom it May Concern; I hardly ever find a product that lives up to its advertising. But this product absolutely does ! I had a very slow bathtub drain and tried everything I could think of, including the “leading liquid” drainer. Nothing worked. In desperation I went to Home Depot to see what else I could buy. A gentleman who works for that store told me to try your product. I kept saying I had already tried liquids, but he just assured me I hadn’t tried THE liquid. To be honest, I don’t even know as I type this how much your product costs. I was just so frustrated I paid and immediately tried it at home. Applied it before I went to bed, woke up the next morning, took shower, and the neighbors probably heard my shouts of joy. IT WORKED ! While I’m sure that’s no surprise to you all, I do have one criticism. Why are you not advertising this product more ? I had never heard of it. This should be in everyone’s home, like a smoke detector or fire extinguisher. Everyone needs to know about this. In these tight economic times, people can’t always afford a plumber. I give you full permission to use my name in any testimonial to this product. I am going back to Home Depot and telling the manager to give that sales person a raise, and I am going to tell as many people where I work about this product. Considering I teach at a College where 40,000 staff, students and faculty work, I will be doing my part to get the word out. Now if I just had some commercials or print advertising to point to……………..hint hint. Thanks for a wonderful product, Don Perry LaPorte, Tx. Thanks for writing in Don and for telling your friends. Be sure to follow us on Facebook.