Unclog a Shower Drain – Yes We Can

Instant Power Hair And Grease Drain Opener One of our recent customers had a shower drain that wouldn’t come unclogged no matter what they tried until…Instant Power Hair and Grease. I rarely take time to express appreciation for a product that does what it is advertised to do, but I am making an exception today. I purchased your Instant Power Hair and Grease Drain Cleaner to unclog a shower drain that had been resisting all other attempts to remedy. I had tried a double shot of Liquid Plumber Heavy Duty to no success, the drain would have standing water after attempting to flush out the clog. No amount of plunging, or even using a snake would free up the drain. The cable came out covered with black grease, built up from what I do not know. I tried your product after being urged by a friend, and after reading other people’s reviews on your website. I usually do not believe all those reviews as I know that many companies paid to have someone write them. But they were convincing enough to try your product. I used have the bottle as directed, let it sit for about 6 hours and poured a tea kettle of hot water down the drain, ( having done this frequently with Liquid Plumber to no avail). When the water started to fill up the drain into the shower stall, I was worried that your product did not work, then suddenly, the water just drained like I had flushed a toilet. I continued to run hot tap water and it is was draining like a new pipeline. I used the other half of the bottle on a bathroom sink that was slow draining, and it too cleared out the partial clog. Thank you for saving me from having to pay some rooter company, who knows how much, to do something that your great product took care of with ease. Bill P. from Covina, CA

Hair Clog Remover is Awesome

At least that’s what our customers are saying! I just wanted to let you guys know that your product is awesome! I had tried everything, and nothing seemed to be able to make the drain in my shower actually drain. I was initially hesitant about purchasing your product since I had no previous experience with it nor had I heard anyone mention it. I also am an avid couponer, so I hated that I had to pay retail price on something I was unsure about. After using the hair clog remover product, my drain is back to perfect! Your products will definitely be on my radar from now on and will be my first choice if I ever need it again! I will be spreading the word to those around me as well! Thank you so much! Amber D from Stantonsburg, NC

Major Hair Clog in Shower

It can be a real problem to have a clog in your shower as water can backup and flow onto your bathroom floor.  Luckily, Debi in Washington found our Instant Power Hair Clog Remover. Just wanted to let you know that I recently purchased your product at Walmart because we had a major hair clog in our shower.  I purchased it because it was the only product for sale that was specific for hair clogs and also because of the guarantee. To be honest, I really didn’t think it would work because the hair clog was pretty bad.  I figured I had nothing to lose because of the money-back guarantee but thought I would end up calling a plumber. Well, I have to say….I WAS AMAZED!!! It took two different applications to get the drain cleared but it worked!  I can’t recall a time in my life when I’ve been more impressed by a product!!  I will definitely recommend your product to my family and friends. Thank you! Debi C. Kennewick, WA

Finally a Product that Works!

For those out there who have clogs in their drains from hair then this is the testimonial for you: I have been living in my home for 29 years and have had a problem with my shower clogging and nothing seemed to work and my shower seemed to stay dirty because it drained so slow even after snaking line. I put your product in (hair clog remover) and it actually worked and it is easy for me to clean because it drains so well. Finally someone actually made something that works. Thanks Roby T from Oklahoma City

It Worked

We recently another fantastic testimonial from one of our customers who tried our Main Line Cleaner for the first time. …it worked…! …went to Home Depot and looked at what was available and since our clogged shower drain seemed to be the “worst case ever” for us, we selected your “Main Line” product… Didn’t really want to use chemicals at all, but felt we had no choice…other than to call a plumber, which I definitely did not want to do… We did not have “slow drainage” – there was complete stop – no drainage at all…so I manually emptied out from the shower floor and then “sucked up” from pipe as far as I could…and then I poured in the liquid…could not empty all in one go, but was surprised to see how level sank and allowed for more until container had been used up… Let it sit overnight… Morning after I boiled water and poured in – two large pots…did not back up…! Then I took hose and forced water down drainage – not a hint of resistance or backup…Problem solved! Thanks and Best regards, : ) Gunnar LA, CA

Has Your Shower Stopped Draining?

Instant Power Heavy Duty Drain Opener

Instant Power Heavy Duty Drain Opener

Instant Power Heavy Duty Drain Opener Testimonial: I have a shower that without fail stopped draining around once a month, I tried snakes, water hose with a power tip to try and blast it open, NOPE. The first time I used the heavy duty drain opener I poured about 1/2 of the bottle (instructions say 1/4 will work, no it says guaranteed to work! I believe it !!!) I left it in all night & in the morning turned on the hot water & to my lo & behold it drained instantly. This is a excellent product !!! Rusell P. Pasadena, TX

Main Line Cleaner Solves a Nasty Clog

Clears Shower Clogs

Just wanted to send my thanks for a great product- Main Line Cleaner. “I had a nasty clog. No response to other guys drain opener or 25ft snake. I figured the main line was clogged and my wife was ready to call the plumber. Saw the reviews for this product and convinced the wife to give it a shot. One gallon  of main line cleaner in each shower, waited over night and the whole day next day. Got home from work and flushed a couple pots of boiling water down down the drains and the clog was totally cleared. Best twenty bucks I’ve spent. Can’t thank you enough.” Greg from Santa Ana, CA

What Do People Say About Our Hair And Grease Drain Opener?

Well, Mrs. J Marshall thinks it’s perfect! “Hi, wanted to tell you this is the best product we have in our house!  The shower had two inches of standing water and my husband put  in the  Instant Power® Hair & Grease Drain Opener night before and   wala!  fixed!  ” Thanks for a perfect product! Mrs J. Marshall