Main Line Plumbing Issue

One of our customers learned that our main line cleaner was as effective as the $400 plumber on his main line clog. I live in a house that was built in 1927. I have lived here for a year. Six months in, my main drain line plugged. So, I did the natural thing and called a service in to run a motorized drain auger to clean it out. It worked but cost around $400. But, the line was cleared and functioned properly. Six months later, the same thing happened. I did a load of laundry and realized as the wash water emptied that the main line was blocked again. I went online to see if there were any other options as I really didn’t want to spend another $400. Lo and behold, I saw your main line cleaner mentioned on a couple different big box store websites. I noticed that the reviews were mainly very positive. For $11 and a full money back guarantee I figured I couldn’t lose. I poured the entire gallon down the cleanout and let it sit in the drain overnight for 8 hours. I awoke to see no improvement. Taking a chance, I started running the hot water from the nearest faucet. After about five minutes, I heard a gurgling sound coming from the basement. Sure enough, the water in the basement was quickly going down the floor drain!! It worked!!! I couldn’t be happier with the performance of this product and will highly recommend it to people that are in this situation. Thank you very much!! Joe B., Rochester, NY

More Love for Our Main Line Cleaner

To Whom it may concern: I bought 2 of your Main Line Cleaner in Walmart this morning, and turned the water off as specified on the bottle around 11:30 am est. I waited & waited for your product to work, and at 9:35 tonight I heard a noise coming from the bathroom. Wow !!!! does your product work fantastically on clogged drains. I now have a back up bottle in case, and I hope not, it never occurs again. What is really nice is that it cost less then 10.00 just for the 1 bottle. So the second bottle I bought, was definitely worth the extra 10.00 investment. Thank You so much for having such a wonderful product. A Happy Consumer, Richard  

How To Clear Your Main Sewer Line?

Cyndy from Ohio had this to say about our main line cleaner. I bought this product at HOME DEPOT, and it help me tremendously! After I had several quotes of 250.00 or more to come out and “snake” my main line….I gave your product a try and I will use your whole line of products for any troubles I have with my plumbing! Thank You sooo much!!!!!