Hair Clog Remover is Awesome

At least that’s what our customers are saying! I just wanted to let you guys know that your product is awesome! I had tried everything, and nothing seemed to be able to make the drain in my shower actually drain. I was initially hesitant about purchasing your product since I had no previous experience with it nor had I heard anyone mention it. I also am an avid couponer, so I hated that I had to pay retail price on something I was unsure about. After using the hair clog remover product, my drain is back to perfect! Your products will definitely be on my radar from now on and will be my first choice if I ever need it again! I will be spreading the word to those around me as well! Thank you so much! Amber D from Stantonsburg, NC

Finally a Product that Works!

For those out there who have clogs in their drains from hair then this is the testimonial for you: I have been living in my home for 29 years and have had a problem with my shower clogging and nothing seemed to work and my shower seemed to stay dirty because it drained so slow even after snaking line. I put your product in (hair clog remover) and it actually worked and it is easy for me to clean because it drains so well. Finally someone actually made something that works. Thanks Roby T from Oklahoma City

Solution for Hair Clogs

Unclogs Your Shower Drain

Unclogs Your Shower Drain

Another testimonial sent in: G. Kramp- Fairview Park, OH No refund needed here! I tried your Hair Clog Remover and it worked like a charm. I had tried Drano 3 times without success. Your product I used just once and the tub is draining just fine.

Heavy Duty Drain Cleaner

This is a recent testimonial on our Heavy Duty Drain Opener Hello, I saw the guarantee ticket on your product & have tried Draino repeatedly with no results. I figured what the heck. I can try. I pretty much assumed I would be requesting a refund. I am sure you get a lot of complaints (well, hopefully not too many!) and probably few compliments. I thought I’d take a moment to send an email saying your product worked! I had purchased my house several years ago & the previous owners had 2 teenage girls. The shower in the 3rd bathroom was also slow. I tried a plunger. I tried taking the drain apart. I tried Draino (and other various products). Nothing really helped. It would drain, just slow. I don’t like showering in a puddle. Your product (I did let it set overnight as suggested) cleaned it out. In fact, I think I wasted an awful lot of water just waiting for it to back up again! Hah. Thank you for a good product. It was worth the money. Sincerely, Mary F. from Idaho

Try Instant Power Hair Clog Remover

People all over the country are enjoying their clog free drains. “I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing product!  I bought your hair clog remover after months of a clogged bathtub and after several other attempts at drain cleaners.  I bought the bottle on a whim seeing the 100% guarantee I figured I didn’t have anything to lose.  I got home and immediately put some down my drain, waited a few hours, plunged lightly and BAM! no more clog.  It’s amazing!  Nothing else worked and I was about to call a plumber.  And it’s been clog free for a couple weeks already and it’s so wonderful.  I just wanted to tell you Thank you!! ” Taryn S.

Instant Hair Clog Remover Works

  For over a year our tub has been clogged and drained painfully slow. we tried everything from drano to all natural (baking soda and vinegar). Nothing worked, we had gone to walmart to get the new drano to try yet again and I saw your product. All I could think was they were awfully confident that this would work. I admit I was skeptical, mainly cause nothing else worked. I tried it and was very surprised when I went to drain water and it went through. I will never use another product other than yours to remove a clog again. Alisha G. from Kentucky Instant Hair Clog Remover Dissolves Hair

Someone Loves our Instant Power Hair Clog Remover

You’ve heard us talk about how great our Instant Power Hair Clog Remover so now hear what one of our customers recently emailed us. “Hello.  I am writing you to let you know how happy I am with a product of yours!  I had a clogged bathroom sink and a semi-clogged bathroom tub that I had been working on for weeks.  I tried draino, vinegar and baking soda, a water snake, wire….you name it!  It didn’t work and I was dreading calling the plumber to fix the problem because we just can’t aford that at this time. So, my mom let me borrow her bottle of Instant Power Hair Clog Remover.  She said that she found it is the best thing that she ever used and fixed her tough clogs unlike anything else.  It was worth a try. I put it in the drains and let them sit over night.  In the morning the water ran right down them! Yipeee….thank you so much!  I am going to purchase at least two (2 Liter) bottles of Instant Power Hair Clog Remover now…one to replace the one I borrowed from my mom and a couple for us to keep on hand just in case! I am also suggesting this product to all of my friends.  If you happen to have any coupons or money saving discounts on this product please send them my way!  I am so happy that I found your product.  Thank you. Jill From Little Falls, NY
Hair Clog Remover

10 Times Stronger than Common Drain Openers!

Some Love for Our Hair Clog Remover

This was sent in from a customer in Kenner, La “Without a doubt..the best product we have ever used for unclogging our drains!! We have tried everything and your product met our needs in an amazingly short time . ” – John M. Get more information about our amazing hair clog remover on the ScotchCorp main website.

10 times stronger than common drain openers

Clogged Drain Because of Hair – Solution

We have the solution for drains that are clogged with hair.   It’s our instant power hair clog remover which is 10 times stronger than common drain openers.  We get testimonials sent to us all the time.  Read one sent in just this week: “I want to say I purchased your product (above) and it worked great. We had tried other drain clear products that only very partially did the job.  I was getting desperate and told my long haired son not to use my sink for awhile.  After one try at the use of Hair Clog Remover my sink flows faster than ever.  Thank you, you can be sure it will be the one we use from now on.” – Harry C. From Apple Valley, Minnesota

Hair Clog Remover for Drain Review

Sent in from another customer: “i found your product at wal-mart,i have used drano for a long time,but after finding your product and using it,i will never use drano worked so well and the price is right.”   –  Sharon W. from Pa.

Instant Power Hair Clog Remover