Fully Clogged Drain

heavyduty_lg Have you tried everything else to fix a clogged drain and feel like there is nothing left to try? Well, don’t fret…there’s another product out there that is Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back! This is a thank you for such a great product. I had a fully clogged drain and tried many things to fix it. Drano, plunger, hot water, drain auger, acid, etc. And nothing worked. I purchased your heavy duty drain cleaner and after two applications and letting it sit for about an hour, the drain was clear. Thanks for such a great product and saving me hundreds on a plumber coming. Will definitely recommend this to all I know. From M. Bass

Trying Main Line Cleaner Again

We had a great testimonial sent in recently by a customer who had tried our main line cleaner in the past but there was a catch.  Our main line cleaner didn’t work for him and he sent in his receipt and we refunded his money.  Faced with another blockage in his line, he decided to give it another try…and experienced different results. I’m compelled to share a little positive feedback with you. For background, a couple of years ago I used your “Main Line Cleaner” product on my badly stuck main sewer line. Three applications, carefully per instructions, failed to open it, and I was forced to give in and call a plumber. As it turned out, it was a pretty heavy root encroachment requiring a heavy duty industrial snake to drill it out. Disappointed, I took advantage of your guarantee, sent you the receipts for the three gallons of product, and you graciously and quickly sent me a full refund of my purchase price. If I wasn’t happy with the product, I was certainly more than impressed with your support for it, and your promptness in honoring my claim. With that in mind, last week I had a total blockage in the side line from my laundry room. I tried a few doses of crystal Drano, my cheap homeowners’ snake and a lot of elbow grease, and absolutely couldn’t budge it. I was down to calling a plumber, an action I dreaded. Based on your level of support for your product the previous time, I decided to try your Main Line Cleaner once again, feeling assured that I had nothing to lose. I let it sit for a day, hit it with hot water, and it broke free and drained! I just finished testing it with a load of laundry, and it seems perfectly healthy now. This time, it *did* do its job, did it well, and it save me a costly visit from a plumber. I’m *very* pleased, and I just thought I should let you know. -John Eads.

Let it Sit in The Drain Overnight

Unclogs Your Shower Drain

Unclogs Your Drain

WOW!!!!!!!! YOUR PRODUCT, INSTANT POWER HAIR CLOG REMOVER REALLY WORKS!!!! I let it sit in the drain over night and WOW, no clogged drain! I have tried other products and nothing seemed to work. It is nice to see good products on the market that do what they claim to do. Thanks for such a good product. Beverly from Sun City West, AZ

A Clogged Bathroom Sink – Solution

There are many reasons for a bathroom sink to become clogged and often times it is due to what you are putting down that drain.  Check out this testimonial sent in by one of our customers. … to “Hair & Grease,” to wit, Fixodent Denture Adhesive.  I have had periodic clogs in my bathroom sink where I clean my dentures of old adhesive nightly.  I’ve tried boiling water, baking soda and hot vinegar with indifferent success.  One four-hour soak with “Instant Power Hair & Grease” and it runs like new!  It was recommended by a floor clerk at Orchard Supply in Sand City, CA. Craig C.  

Main Line Cleaner Works Again

A testimonial sent in from a recent customer: I purchased your product, “Main Line Cleaner” on February 04, 2013 as a last resort to a stubborn plumbing problem after everything several alternative efforts failed to undo the clog. I decided to try a cleaner before I took the next step of having to snake out the line which called for a lot of additional work to gain access. I applied the product as directed on the label and flushed it about 9 hours later. I am pleased to say that the lines have never been cleaner and the sinks drain in record time. This product lives up to it’s claims and I would highly recommend it to anyone to try before resorting to the mechanical means of clearing a line. Looking over a large selection of drain cleaning products, I am very pleased at my selection and it ease of use. Keep up the good work. L. Smith – Mesa, Arizona

Great Results From Main Line Cleaner

This is from another happy customer with our Main Line Cleaner.

Try Main Line Cleaner for Your Plumbing Problems

I used your product and never expected the great results I got…I’m sure people are quick to complain about something but, rarely take time to say a product really works…I plan on buying another gallon or two to put in the drain to keep it open and free flowing in the near future…The product cut through 28 years of grease build up over-night…THANKS… -Mike H. Secaucus, NJ  

Does Your Disposal Smell?

If your disposal is starting to smell and you are looking for a solution to that problem then look no further as we have created a product that is made to control odors in your disposer. Our Instant Power Disposer and Drain Cleaner
  • Guaranteed Safe for Disposers
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Controls Disposer Odors
  • Keeps Drains Clear
Instant Power Disposer & Drain Cleaner will digest, break up and remove years of clinging, drain clogging deposits