Has Your Shower Stopped Draining?

Instant Power Heavy Duty Drain Opener

Instant Power Heavy Duty Drain Opener

Instant Power Heavy Duty Drain Opener Testimonial: I have a shower that without fail stopped draining around once a month, I tried snakes, water hose with a power tip to try and blast it open, NOPE. The first time I used the heavy duty drain opener I poured about 1/2 of the bottle (instructions say 1/4 will work, no it says guaranteed to work! I believe it !!!) I left it in all night & in the morning turned on the hot water & to my lo & behold it drained instantly. This is a excellent product !!! Rusell P. Pasadena, TX

Drain Opener Safety Kit

Drain Opener Safety Kit

Instant Power Drain Opener Safety Kit

We recently added a new product for our customers:  Our Drain Opener Safety Kit Our Instant Power Drain Opener Safety Kit is essential to keep in your home. Reusable, nitrile gloves protect hands from exposure to harmful chemicals. Heavy duty gloves are chemical resistant* and latex free. Goggles protect eyes from chemical splash/spray. Soft PVC frame and adjustable headband allows for a comfortable and secure fit. Indirect venting provides maximum airflow while still providing protection. Kit Includes: Goggles and pair of reusable gloves   It is not intended for complete immersion in chemicals. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT PROVIDE UNLIMITED EYE & HAND PROTECTION. Goggles do not provide adequate protection against severe impacts such as explosions, fragmenting, grinding, or abrasive wheels. Goggles should not be worn to provide protection from other hazards, simulated combat games (such as paintball or airsoft), sports, and lasers. Do not use for operations that expose your eyes to harmful levels of optical radiation such as burning, cutting or welding with torches, electric (arc) welding, furnace or molten metal operations, or glass blowing. Misuse may result in severe burns, serious and permanent eye injury, including blindness or death.

Customer Review: Heavy Duty Drain Opener

Heavy Duty Drain Opener

What an AWESOME product.  I can’t tell you how many years I have been using Liquid Plumber and all their fancy 2 part cleaners and it was a waste of money.  So I tried Heavy Duty.  At first I thought, this is just like water. It will not work on my tub drain which was REALLY clogged – I was in ankle deep water for weeks. Anyway, 2 cups of Heavy Duty, waited overnight and the clog was GONE!  I am so happy w/ Heavy Duty, I will never buy anything else!!!  Thank you soo much – Sincerely Denise W. from Las Vegas, NV

Walmart Employee Recommends Main Line Cleaner

This was sent to us recently: “I would just like to say thank you for a great product in main line cleaner. I was a hardware associate at Walmart in the hardware department and I had a drain problem at my home like everyone else I used the other products without getting any results I picked up a bottle at work and read it ,so I thought I will try it and see if it work needless to say I was impressed and my wife was happy.After using it I would recommend it to all my customers who came in with drain problems. Again Thank You, Germaine J. St. Peters, MO

Another Happy Customer Using Our Drain Opener

We received this note from a satisfied customer recently who used our drain opener for the first time. “I recently bought a bottle of drain opener with a guarantee that if it don’t work its free. Just want to let you know that I have a problem drain (for last five years) and until now have never found an opener that worked well. You should never have to make good on that guarantee. Because it worked beyond all my hopes and the price was terrific. Keep up the good work. will not only purchase it in the future but will recomend it to friends and family.” -Bob G.  

The Best Drain Opener

Testimonial from one of our many many satisfied customers: Hello! In my 66 years of utilizing and maintaining my own plumbing, I’ve taken a personal pride in never having to call a plumber to unclog a drain.  Using various methods including a “homeowners” snake and sundry off the shelf drain un-cloggers, I was always successful – except recently.  When the usual assortment of laundry and food disposer debris blocked my main drain, all of the aforementioned wouldn’t cut it.  I was ready to cave in and call Roto-Rooter when I discovered your “Instant Power” drain cleaner at the local Home Depot.  The guarantee hang tag said “Guaranteed to work or it’s free” so what’s to lose? Saved!!  “Instant Power” is the best product of it’s kind that I’ve ever used so I’ll now forever keep a jug handy.  Just thought that you’d like to know. CJ

Problems with Your Main Line?

Read about one customer’s experience with our main line cleaner. I have decided once I have my main line repaired, that I will purchase your product to keep the lines clear from here on. My reasoning is because you stand behind your product so well. I feel that you should really advertise your products more widely, I never heard of your products until I visited my local Home Depot and was recommended your product by an employee there. Thank you again so much for your help and fast response to my problem. Bets regards…….Ron