Very Slow Draining Bathroom Sink

slowdrainLGI bought a Jug of “Instant Power Slow Drain” and used it on a very slow draining bathroom sink. I’d tried several products over time for this problem and none worked. With your Guarantee I tried your product per instructions and WOW ! It worked as advertised. I’ve been a “Happy Camper ever since ! Thank you Scotch Corp ! Peter D from Mt. Holly, Ohio

Keep Your Drains Flowing Freely

Great for Unclogging Tubs

Great for Unclogging Drains

I have had problems with slow draining sinks as has everyone. Repeated use of various drain cleaners which at best are NO Good. After a couple of bottles it mightl eventuallly drain. However, I found your product at Wal Mart.” Instant heavy duty drain opener“. Came home and used one application and to my amazement the drain opened and flowed freely. Beautiful!!!!! Three thumbs up for your product. have made a believer/customer out of me. Thanks, Ray M. from Texas

Finally a Product that Works!

For those out there who have clogs in their drains from hair then this is the testimonial for you: I have been living in my home for 29 years and have had a problem with my shower clogging and nothing seemed to work and my shower seemed to stay dirty because it drained so slow even after snaking line. I put your product in (hair clog remover) and it actually worked and it is easy for me to clean because it drains so well. Finally someone actually made something that works. Thanks Roby T from Oklahoma City

Try Main Line Cleaner

Our Main Line Cleaner

We get amazing testimonials all the time from our customers and our main line cleaner continues to impress people with its results.  Often saving customers 100’s of dollars in plumbing charges.  Read what one customer sent us last week: “My drain that handles the kitchen and laundry in the basement under the floor backs up about every 2 years and is sluggish most times. I recently paid a plumber 195.00 to snake out the main drain and the one under the floor from the laundry and kitchen.  After he snaked both, the drain under the floor was still sluggish but that was the best he could do. 5 days later the laundry and kitchen drain was backing up.  I am a 48 year old single mom with 2 children still at home and I have no more money to spare.  I bought your Main Line Cleaner just because of the money back guarantee and I was extremely skeptical. I used one gallon of cleaner at 10am this morning and at 8:45pm I tried hot water but no luck.  I boiled a large soup pan of water to send down the drain and I also sent down 2 tea kettles full of boiling water. IT WORKED!!  I really thought that it wouldn’t but it did and I did not have to get the plumber back and pay more money!!” Thank YOU!!!! Connie S of Ohio

Instant Hair Clog Remover Works

  For over a year our tub has been clogged and drained painfully slow. we tried everything from drano to all natural (baking soda and vinegar). Nothing worked, we had gone to walmart to get the new drano to try yet again and I saw your product. All I could think was they were awfully confident that this would work. I admit I was skeptical, mainly cause nothing else worked. I tried it and was very surprised when I went to drain water and it went through. I will never use another product other than yours to remove a clog again. Alisha G. from Kentucky Instant Hair Clog Remover Dissolves Hair

Unclogging Your Stopped Drain From Hair and Grease

We make a specific product for drain stoppages due to hair and grease.  It’s 20 times stronger than most of the products you see on the shelves.  Here is what one customer had to say about our product: “I just wanted to email you and let you know how much I love your product! I bought my house 3 years ago and have always had problems with the bathroom sink. I have tried Draino, Scrubbing Bubbles, and the old fashioned baking soda method and nothing has worked fully. Yeah, it might unclog it a little bit but there was always still a bit of back up. I tried your product (Instant Power@ Hair and Greese Drain opener) a few days ago, and there has been absolutely no back up every since! My sister even asked if I could come do her sink because she was so surprised at the quality of the product’s work. It’s great to know that there are good quality companies like yourself out there selling products that not only do what they say they will, they perfect it!” – Misty K.

Bathtub Draining Slow

Do you have a bathtub that is draining slow?  Is it driving you nuts?  Why not try our slow drain solution?   It worked great for a customer in San Antonio..see below. Just wanted to give y’all KUDOS…it works!!  I had plenty of options to choose from and what sold me on your product was the guarantee AND the price…very reasonable.  I’m thrilled that my bathtub drains soooo well–thank you thank you!!  I will be telling all my friends and family about your product!! Jennifer San Antonio, TX  

Problems with Your Main Line?

Read about one customer’s experience with our main line cleaner. I have decided once I have my main line repaired, that I will purchase your product to keep the lines clear from here on. My reasoning is because you stand behind your product so well. I feel that you should really advertise your products more widely, I never heard of your products until I visited my local Home Depot and was recommended your product by an employee there. Thank you again so much for your help and fast response to my problem. Bets regards…….Ron

What Do People Say About Our Hair And Grease Drain Opener?

Well, Mrs. J Marshall thinks it’s perfect! “Hi, wanted to tell you this is the best product we have in our house!  The shower had two inches of standing water and my husband put  in the  Instant Power® Hair & Grease Drain Opener night before and   wala!  fixed!  ” Thanks for a perfect product! Mrs J. Marshall

Instant Power Slow Drain Really Works

Awesome! I have struggled with a slow drain in my bathroom sink for years…I have tried Draino & Liquid Plumber in their numerous formulas and although they sometimes relieve the slow drain issue, it’s never complete enough to allow what I would consider a free flow again. Yesterday I purchased your product at Wal-Mart and allowed it to process in my sink overnight, as I was once again experiencing a slow drain. This morning I was so absolutely impressed with the results! I can not even get the water to pool in my sink when the water is running full blast!! I am so very impressed! I will pass on my positive view of your product at every opportunity! Thanks so much for helping me with this small, but very annoying issue! -Tammy from Kansas