Very Slow Draining Bathroom Sink

slowdrainLGI bought a Jug of “Instant Power Slow Drain” and used it on a very slow draining bathroom sink. I’d tried several products over time for this problem and none worked. With your Guarantee I tried your product per instructions and WOW ! It worked as advertised. I’ve been a “Happy Camper ever since ! Thank you Scotch Corp ! Peter D from Mt. Holly, Ohio

Yes Our Products are 100% Guaranteed

Dear Sir, I wanted to e-mail you directly and extend my compliments to you and your company for your professionalism and customer dedication.  I recently purchased 2 gallons of your Main Line Cleaner to assist with a sewer backup issue I was having in my home.  I saw the “Money Back Guarantee” tag on the bottle but to be honest held out little hope that should your product not work that it would be worth pursuing.  After using the product as instructed and doing an additional second treatment my main remained clogged and it took a second visit by a plumber to do the trick.  In no way however did I feel your product was inferior.  I did however send off my receipts to avail of your guarantee, assuming it may be a futile gesture.  Yesterday, your refund check showed up in my mail.  I was surprised as this sort of customer dedication and willingness to stand behind a promise seems to be a lost art in many corporations, but clearly not at Scotch Corporation. I also wanted to let you know there are now 2 new bottles of your product in my basement and I will use them at 3 month intervals to keep my main line clean going forward.  Additionally, over the weekend,  I recommended your product line to a friend who was having similar issues with his drains and in his case your product worked as advertised saving him a large bill from a plumber. Again, my compliments on your service and willingness to stand behind your products.  You have made a long term customer out of me and I will not hesitate to recommend your products to friends and family.  Continued success in the future. Patrick C. from Baltimore, MD

Review for Instant Power Main Line Cleaner

Happy New Year Everyone!  This was sent in from Michelle from Bolingbrook, IL
Main Line Cleaner

Main Line Cleaner Review

I just want to thank you for such a great product ;the day after Christmas my tub and toilets were backing up, all of my sinks and toilet on the first floor would back up in the bathroom and laundry room in the basement. I mean everything was coming back up in the tub and from the drain in laundry room. I really did’nt know what to do, right after Christmas and I just could not afford a plumber at this time est. $175-$350.00. I searched the web and found your product(Main Line Cleaner), after reading several of the reviews I decided to try this, All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. After following the directions; pouring solution in the basement tub and waiting 8 hours, I boiled 2 stockpots of water and poured in tub and then ran hot water. At first the water did not move, so my daughter decided to plunge the toilet and wow we heard the big gurgle and all the water went down in the tub and in the laundry room. I will be using your products to maintain my drains from now on. I immediately called my family and friends raving about your Main Line Cleaner. Your product is truly a blessing, this could put plumbers out of business of clogged drains. Again thank you and Happy Holidays.

Main Line Cleaner Rocks!

Here is a review sent in from one of our customers: “My main line was blocked solid…water burbled up every drain but would not go out.  Days before Thanksgiving, Christmas coming, no extra money – and hate DIY home repair. Wishing I had not gotten an old house.  Bought other brand crapola…futile. Saw the name ‘MAIN LINE’ and 100% money back. Prayed for the fix over the $9.95….poured, prayed, slept in anticipation…..plug was solid for 2 days, only one day until Thanksgiving…..young kid (and I) needed a bath…(lots on the line) Woke up and felt excited like Christmas morning. Ran the hot water…nothing at first….ran some more and WOOO-HOOOO swish!!!” THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU! Need anyone for a commercial? We are it! Sooo Thrilled. Gabrielle R. From Delaware

The Instant Power Guarantee and Main Line Cleaner

Sent in from a customer. Greetings… “It is very rare that a company will place such a “guarantee” on a product, and to be perfectly honest, that is exactly why I purchased it.  “If this product did not work, I wasted only a little time, but would receive my money back!” I was totally shocked by the complete delivery your product provided.  I’ve snaked, used other products and established an acceptable low flow return… but Main Line Cleaner in a single application positively opened our clog and my drain is running like it was just installed! I am very impressed and pleased with your marketing and especially your product efficacy.  Great product.  I have been an Environmental Inspector/Assessor since the mid-1980s and continuously run across clogs and slow drains.  I will highly recommend your product to all my customers and clients.  Again I want to say “Thank You” for a product that delivers as it is advertised!!” From Nick M. Remember there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all Instant Power Products!

Keeping Odors Out of Your Kitchen Sink

We recently received this testimonial from a satisfied customer who is using our most recent product:

Instant Power® Disposer & Drain Cleaner

I just had to write and tell you how much I love your product, Disposer & Drain Cleaner!  I was shopping at WalMart about a month ago and was looking for something that I could use on the disposer in my kitchen sink and would keep the odors away, that tend to come from it. I also was having a backup of water from the dishwasher and washing machine when it was running.  I happened upon your product and read the claims that it said it could do and also liked the idea of the Orange scent, so I figured I would give it a try. I have used it once a week for the last month and I just love it.  It worked the very first time I tried it and it cleared the disposer of odors and whatever was clogging the disposer.  I can’t say enough great things about your product and I intend to look for the Slow Drain Build Up Remover listed on your website and also give that a try.  Since I see no advertising of your product line anywhere, I will be advertisement for you, as I will be telling everyone about the great product you have and if the other products work as well as the Disposer & Drain Cleaner, I will spread the word also about them.   Thanks for the great product!   Phyllis A.  

RV Septic System Treatment and Solutions

Are you having problems with your rv septic system?  Is it just not working properly due to clogs? Consider using our Septic Tank Treatment (a dry powder) as a regular on-going treatment to maintain a system.  Our Septic Shock (liquid) is used when a system is clogged or under-performing. It is specifically designed to open lateral/leach field lines and restore porosity. Our Septic Shock and Septic System Treatment are the only answers needed for septic systems. Shake before using. Septic tanks or cesspools of 500 – 1,000 U.S. Gallon capacity – Pour and flush 1/4 Cup (4 Tablespoons) of Instant Power down your toilet once a week. Positive results should be seen within 2 – 4 weeks. To maintain system, use same application weekly. In severe cases, 4 – 8 weeks may be necessary to obtain results.