How Much Money Can Our Main Line Cleaner Save You?

Main Line Cleaner

Main Line Cleaner Review

Everyone likes to save a buck. But how about saving hundreds of them? After Roto Rooter asked for $699 to open my main line I went online.  I found your product and bought two one gallon bottles.  I dumped them down the main drain and waited about 20 hours, flushed it out and the drain was cleared.  Thank you.  ( cost less than $23.00) I did see some reviews that indicated that it did not work and were refunded their purchase price. What would be some reasons that the clog remains?  I suspect that it is not because they did not follow directions as there really were no directions other than dumping it down the drain. Thomas Ragusa

One of the Best Products Ever Bought

hariandgreaseLGOur Hair and Grease Drain Opener called “one of the best products every bought”…that is great to hear and thanks to Ivan for sending this testimonial in. Hi I just wanted to give a brief testimonial about your product, Hair and Grease. I woke up to find no water in my home this past Friday, 2/20/2015 due to a deep freeze we’re having on the East Coast. I immediately thought it was frozen pipes so I said “oh boy” I’m gonna be paying alot money to fix this problem. So I then looked online for drain openers and after looking at a few products, I came across a bottle of Instant Power Hair & Grease and after reading it, I went to the local Home Depot and purchased it. I then brought it home and poured it in the tub and bathroom sink and after waiting 15 minutes, i was amazed to see water flowing throughout my home! This product works fantastic! it is one of the best products I ever brought and it saved me hundreds of dollars! Thanks Again! Ivan from Galloway, NJ

Drain Backed up for Six Days

Main Line Cleaner

Main Line Cleaner Review

It took four gallons and three applications, but we got it!!!! We have been fighting it for six days, over Thanksgiving, I am little, so I am the sewer rat, it is 23 degrees outside, and I was beyond discouraged!

One more trip to Home Depot, 2 more gallons, applied all at once, 8 hours later, LOTS of hot water, it backed up and backed up, and then it cut loose!

Yeaaaa! I’m 74 years old and it isn’t that much fun anymore. So, thank you!!!
-Jigger D. from Neilton, WA

New House and Drain Clogs

One of our recent customers purchased a home that came complete with a nasty drain clog in the sewer drain.  Read their story below: I just purchased a house that unknown to me was literally constipated, having a solid 6 feet of waste blockage in the sewage drain. After searching around for a tool that I could rent, I came across your website and your main line cleaner. After following your directions, and waiting the 8 hours for it to do it’s job, I poured boiling water into the drain. I was shocked to see how fast the drain emptied. I opened up the clean out plug and the pipe was cleared. I would defiantly recommend this product. P.S. I have a mixture of cast iron and cpvc pipe and neither of them were affected. Joseph J. from West Warwick, RI

Get Rid of Rust Stains on Toilets

toiletbowlrestorer Do you have rust stains on your toilets?  Have you tried everything to remove them…have you tried our toilet bowl restorer? I can’t believe it! I have been fighting rust stains in my bathrooms for 12 years! We even removed the toilets and put in new ones because the stains were so bad, and we had tried everything. Now my NEW toilets are horrible! Your product (toilet bowl restorer) cleaned them in two treatments! Thank You, Thank You!! -Bobbie Pierce

Main Line Cleaner Worked!

Happy New Year Everyone! We recently received this testimonial about our Main Line Cleaner from one of our customers. About every year or two we would have a backup in our main line and had tried various chemical treatments, but none of them had worked. My brother is a plumber and would have to snake the almost 100 ft. main line which usually took 2 hours each time to free the blockage. He suspected there was a belly in the line somewhere that would accumulate grease, debris, toilet paper, and other things that would normally break down quickly. My wife read about this product and I bought 2 gallons to try. I poured both gallons in at night and in the morning poured about 4 gallons of boiling water followed by hot water. After a couple minutes it backed up again. I waited 10 more minutes and checked, to my amazement the water had receded. Followed by 10 minutes of hot water and the line is clear. Now I don’t have to call little brother the plumber except to tell him this product works!!!!!!!! Mark B.

Drain Opener Safety Kit

Drain Opener Safety Kit

Instant Power Drain Opener Safety Kit

We recently added a new product for our customers:  Our Drain Opener Safety Kit Our Instant Power Drain Opener Safety Kit is essential to keep in your home. Reusable, nitrile gloves protect hands from exposure to harmful chemicals. Heavy duty gloves are chemical resistant* and latex free. Goggles protect eyes from chemical splash/spray. Soft PVC frame and adjustable headband allows for a comfortable and secure fit. Indirect venting provides maximum airflow while still providing protection. Kit Includes: Goggles and pair of reusable gloves   It is not intended for complete immersion in chemicals. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT PROVIDE UNLIMITED EYE & HAND PROTECTION. Goggles do not provide adequate protection against severe impacts such as explosions, fragmenting, grinding, or abrasive wheels. Goggles should not be worn to provide protection from other hazards, simulated combat games (such as paintball or airsoft), sports, and lasers. Do not use for operations that expose your eyes to harmful levels of optical radiation such as burning, cutting or welding with torches, electric (arc) welding, furnace or molten metal operations, or glass blowing. Misuse may result in severe burns, serious and permanent eye injury, including blindness or death.

Our New Commercial Drain Cleaner

Commercial Drain Cleaner

For Restaurant Kitchens, Restrooms, and Grease Traps

Check out our newest product:  Instant Power Commercial Drain Cleaner   Our Instant Power Commercial Drain Cleaner is used for the treatment and maintenance of restaurant kitchens, restrooms, and grease traps. Beneficial bacteria digest fats, oils, and greases (FOG) along with other organic waste that accumulates in these drains and grease traps. Regular use keeps drain lines free flowing and significantly reduces the cost of frequent grease trap pumping. Some of the highlights:
  • Controls Odors
  • Clears Slow Drains
  • Reduces Need for Frequent Grease Pumping
  • Safe for All Plumbing Pipes
  • Non Caustic.  Non Corrosive
Do not use in conjunction with bleach, disinfectants or other drain cleaning chemicals.

Hair and Grease Drain Opener Review

Hair and Grease Drain Opener Works!

Several weeks ago, I had a major clog and backup in my upstairs bathroom sinks. There are 2 sinks connected with a common drain. After an hour of plunging, I decided to disconnect all of the traps, and try to snake the blockage out myself before calling one of those drain cleaning companies. I went to Home Depot to purchase a snake. While there, I saw your product Hair and Grease remover, which was clearly marked on the bag “guaranteed to work”. I know from previous experience that most of these liquid drain openers do not work on clogs such as this, but I figured if this doesn’t, at least I get my money back, and would then be convinced that nothing except a machine could fix this problem. After following all of the directions and safety precautions, I was astonished how fast the water flowed from both sinks at once down the drain. It was if I had new pipes installed. I immediately went back to the store to purchase another bottle, as I want to always have your product on hand. It is one of the few products made today that really works, and with a money back guarantee, you cannot lose. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. Ira D.

Our Main Line Cleaner

This was sent in recently from a customer who used our Main Line Cleaner: We’ve lived in our house only 3 years and already I’ve spent over $1000 on two incidents of a clog in a waste pipe where the master bath drain comes down and meets with the kitchen waste line. Both times, my plumber came out with the power snake and spent hours trying to ream out this clog. It’s several feet from the kitchen sink so Liquid Plumber couldn’t get that far, and it probably wouldn’t have worked anyway.  Last year, my plumber said, “OK, I fixed it again, but if this happens next year, we have to take off the siding and see what is wrong with that part of the line.” So, just a year later, like clockwork, I came downstairs to find my shower water backed up into the kitchen sink. On a Saturday, when no plumber will come out to our remote area. I searched online and read about Instant Power Main Line Cleaner. I got directions to a Wal-Mart and bought all 3 bottles on the shelf. I poured one bottle into the upstairs shower drain and one bottle into the kitchen sink. These are 1-gallon bottles, so the liquid gets past the trap. My clog isn’t in the trap, it’s almost 4 feet farther than that. I let it all sit for 18 hours. On Sunday morning, I filled my tea kettle and started pouring boiling water into both drains. At first, I thought it didn’t work. There was a backup of water to the kitchen sink. But after I poured another tea kettle into the upstairs drain, the backup disappeared. I poured in a couple more gallons of boiling water for good measure. No backup. I ran the dishwasher and took a shower. No backup. I saved $500!! I am not kidding myself that the pipe is good as new back there. I think I need to treat this area proactively, maybe once a month. But I could buy 70 bottles of Instant Power for the cost of a single plumber visit. Awesome stuff!