Main Line Cleaner Worked!

Happy New Year Everyone! We recently received this testimonial about our Main Line Cleaner from one of our customers. About every year or two we would have a backup in our main line and had tried various chemical treatments, but none of them had worked. My brother is a plumber and would have to snake the almost 100 ft. main line which usually took 2 hours each time to free the blockage. He suspected there was a belly in the line somewhere that would accumulate grease, debris, toilet paper, and other things that would normally break down quickly. My wife read about this product and I bought 2 gallons to try. I poured both gallons in at night and in the morning poured about 4 gallons of boiling water followed by hot water. After a couple minutes it backed up again. I waited 10 more minutes and checked, to my amazement the water had receded. Followed by 10 minutes of hot water and the line is clear. Now I don’t have to call little brother the plumber except to tell him this product works!!!!!!!! Mark B.

One Gallon of Main Line Cleaner vs a Plumber

One win for our Main Line Cleaner. “I bought a gallon of your Main Line Cleaner at Home Depot yesterday to try and unstop my bathroom sink. It had been almost completely stopped up for quite a while. I put the whole gallon down the drain and gave it 8 hours before putting a couple buckets of hot water down the drain. The drain cleared out completely in no time flat. Sure beats these weak drain cleaners or having to pay a plumber. Good stuff. ” Larry S. Mary Esther, Florida

Main Line Clog in Your House

Clears Shower Clogs

Clears Shower Clogs

Testimonial for Our Main Line Cleaner: I just want to say thank you so very much for your product. I had a main line clog in my house for about 4 days and nothing was working, I came across your product my accident when i was looking up ways to try and fix the problem my self before calling a plumber ,and decided what the heck what do I have to lose. I purchased your product for only 10.00 at Wal-Mart, poured it down the drain waited 8 hours and flushed it with boiling hot water, and to my SURPRISE I could run the water again. So I just want to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. I will be telling everyone about this product. and if I ever come across this problem again its your product I will try first. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jamie H. Fulton, NY

How Well Does Main Line Cleaner Work?

Read what one of our customers sent in recently about Main Line Cleaner. Dear Scotchcorp, I live in a 48 year old house in the Maryland suburbs with pipes that are not what they used to be. My bathroom pipes have been giving me trouble for ages but I’ve been able to keep the tub and toilet clear and working smoothly with occasional bleach pourings. The bathroom sink began to clog up about 6 months ago, even though I shave in the shower, and it kept getting worse. I tried Drano and Liquid Plummer with little success so I decided to get a friend with a snake to clear out the pipe. He went out of town for Spring Break so it was time try a gallon of Main Line Cleaner as a last resort. There is a money back guarantee so I figured I had nothing to lose. I followed the instructions religiously and holy cow–it worked beautifully. I did use boiling water from a kettle instead of just hot water to finish the job because other customers reported better results with boiling water. God bless Scotchcorp! Regards, Leo H. P.S. Please give your chemists a fat raise. They earned it!

Main Line Cleaner Does Work

Sent in my Judy. B Hi – Your product works after failure by mechanical effort. Hours of snaking with two different snakes; draining and refilling the whole system from the sink to the main sewer with hot water, baking soda, vinegar, all kinds of soap to cut grease or whatever was causing the problem; then a shop-vac from all openings using it to suck out the water as as to pressure to lines to dislodge anything; then cutting into pipes to allow for different areas to access with snake and the like, all for naught. After all effort that in desperation i poured in a bottle of main line cleaner and waited a few hours….and voila, a well working drain…. Thank you for a great drain cleaner! regards, Judy B.

Main Line Cleaner Works Again

A testimonial sent in from a recent customer: I purchased your product, “Main Line Cleaner” on February 04, 2013 as a last resort to a stubborn plumbing problem after everything several alternative efforts failed to undo the clog. I decided to try a cleaner before I took the next step of having to snake out the line which called for a lot of additional work to gain access. I applied the product as directed on the label and flushed it about 9 hours later. I am pleased to say that the lines have never been cleaner and the sinks drain in record time. This product lives up to it’s claims and I would highly recommend it to anyone to try before resorting to the mechanical means of clearing a line. Looking over a large selection of drain cleaning products, I am very pleased at my selection and it ease of use. Keep up the good work. L. Smith – Mesa, Arizona

Review for Instant Power Main Line Cleaner

Happy New Year Everyone!  This was sent in from Michelle from Bolingbrook, IL
Main Line Cleaner

Main Line Cleaner Review

I just want to thank you for such a great product ;the day after Christmas my tub and toilets were backing up, all of my sinks and toilet on the first floor would back up in the bathroom and laundry room in the basement. I mean everything was coming back up in the tub and from the drain in laundry room. I really did’nt know what to do, right after Christmas and I just could not afford a plumber at this time est. $175-$350.00. I searched the web and found your product(Main Line Cleaner), after reading several of the reviews I decided to try this, All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. After following the directions; pouring solution in the basement tub and waiting 8 hours, I boiled 2 stockpots of water and poured in tub and then ran hot water. At first the water did not move, so my daughter decided to plunge the toilet and wow we heard the big gurgle and all the water went down in the tub and in the laundry room. I will be using your products to maintain my drains from now on. I immediately called my family and friends raving about your Main Line Cleaner. Your product is truly a blessing, this could put plumbers out of business of clogged drains. Again thank you and Happy Holidays.

Main Line Cleaner Solves a Nasty Clog

Clears Shower Clogs

Just wanted to send my thanks for a great product- Main Line Cleaner. “I had a nasty clog. No response to other guys drain opener or 25ft snake. I figured the main line was clogged and my wife was ready to call the plumber. Saw the reviews for this product and convinced the wife to give it a shot. One gallon  of main line cleaner in each shower, waited over night and the whole day next day. Got home from work and flushed a couple pots of boiling water down down the drains and the clog was totally cleared. Best twenty bucks I’ve spent. Can’t thank you enough.” Greg from Santa Ana, CA

Try Main Line Cleaner

Our Main Line Cleaner

We get amazing testimonials all the time from our customers and our main line cleaner continues to impress people with its results.  Often saving customers 100’s of dollars in plumbing charges.  Read what one customer sent us last week: “My drain that handles the kitchen and laundry in the basement under the floor backs up about every 2 years and is sluggish most times. I recently paid a plumber 195.00 to snake out the main drain and the one under the floor from the laundry and kitchen.  After he snaked both, the drain under the floor was still sluggish but that was the best he could do. 5 days later the laundry and kitchen drain was backing up.  I am a 48 year old single mom with 2 children still at home and I have no more money to spare.  I bought your Main Line Cleaner just because of the money back guarantee and I was extremely skeptical. I used one gallon of cleaner at 10am this morning and at 8:45pm I tried hot water but no luck.  I boiled a large soup pan of water to send down the drain and I also sent down 2 tea kettles full of boiling water. IT WORKED!!  I really thought that it wouldn’t but it did and I did not have to get the plumber back and pay more money!!” Thank YOU!!!! Connie S of Ohio

Main Line Cleaner and the Holidays

Sent in from another satisfied customer: It is a heartfelt sentiment! I’ve been telling everybody. The thrill and relief does not convey well. It was incredible to have the worry over and the water running! I had a scary couple of days while trying to show positivity to my girl – and as life goes, the budget was tighter than it should be.  I taught my 7 year old (again) girls can do a lot…with the help of the internet and the right products~! I’m even pushing your main line cleaner product to my construction / friends…all of whom are, unfortunately, out of state! Scary to think of a plumbing product was one of the things I was highly grateful for on Thanksgiving….but running, flushing water should never be taken for granted! Hope your holidays have similar, excellent outcomes in matters that look bleak! Sincerely, Gabrielle and Ava!