Cleaning Your Disposer

Disposer and Drain CleanerDo you have a strong odor coming from your kitchen sink drain? Have you cleaned the disposer? Just wanted to let you know how well your disposer and drain cleaner worked. We purchased this house about a year ago. It was built in 1950 and still had original piping. We had new kitchen installed with a disposal. I thought since I had been using the desposal for a year I should clean it. Well your product not only cleaned the desposal it cleaned that old piping so well I had to replace them. OMG the sludge that was in those lines was awful, the foul smell and a big pan of crap literally stopped up the piping. I’m glad we used your product becaused it adverted a much bigger problem. I will use your product monthly now so this doesn’t happen again. It definitely does the job! Pat P. from Baltimore, Md

Kitchen Sink Won’t Drain

Clears Shower Clogs

Clears Shower Clogs

It can be very frustrating to have a kitchen sink that won’t drain.  Just think about how often you need that sink to wash dishes, food, or hands.  We were happy to have this testimonial sent in from another satisfied (but skeptical) customer. OMG!!! it worked, it worked EXACTLY as you said it would.. I was extremely skeptical , even reading all the reviews… I bought 2 bottles of main line cleaner at Home Depot AFTER, snaking the line, taking kitchen sink apart, and trying to clean air vent on roof.. add a bottle of drano somewhere in there and NOTHING!! 1 bottle of your product , 8 hours, and 2 pots of boiling water and we are on the fast track again… thank you so much, I am going to keep the other bottle on hand.. I am going to recommend your product to EVERYONE I know. from a single mother on a tight budget, THANK YOU!!! -Jennifer Kettler from PA

Heavy Duty Works Again

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for a great product!  I had a clog way down in the basement from my kitchen sink.  I tried a heavy snake but it only seemed to pack the clog tighter.  I thought I’d have to dis-assemble the pipes to get at it, then I seen your product (heavy duty drain opener) at Wal-Mart.  I figured for only about 4 bucks I might as well give it a try. I put about half a bottle in and let it sit for about 24 hours.  After 24 hours I filled the sink with hot water….still clogged I thought…then “whoosh” the water drained like crazy!!  I couldn’t believe it, a product that actually works!  Saved me a ton of trouble and mess, glad I found your great product.  Thanks again  : )  R.S. Buchholz from Wilton, WI

Hair Clog Remover for Kitchen Sinks

Read what our hair clog remover did for this customer’s kitchen drain. L. Watkins- Scotch Plains, NJ Wow….Not responding for a money back guarantee but I’m writing to let your company know that yes indeed this product works!!! Instantly! Once I poured the drain opener (Hair Clog Remover) in the kitchen sink, in seconds the water went down and has not clogged up yet. Thanks for a great job.

Help – Clogged Bathroom Sink Drain

This is a letter sent in from a customer: A. Norton- Menlo Park, CA I’m a grump. I write companies a lot to let ’em know I think their products are pretty junky. I justify this by praising folks who put out stuff that is good, that does or tastes like it should. Your “Instant Power guaranteed Hair & Grease Drain Opener” did the trick & opened my clogged bathroom sink drain like greased lightning!

Drain Opener Safety Kit

Drain Opener Safety Kit

Instant Power Drain Opener Safety Kit

We recently added a new product for our customers:  Our Drain Opener Safety Kit Our Instant Power Drain Opener Safety Kit is essential to keep in your home. Reusable, nitrile gloves protect hands from exposure to harmful chemicals. Heavy duty gloves are chemical resistant* and latex free. Goggles protect eyes from chemical splash/spray. Soft PVC frame and adjustable headband allows for a comfortable and secure fit. Indirect venting provides maximum airflow while still providing protection. Kit Includes: Goggles and pair of reusable gloves   It is not intended for complete immersion in chemicals. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT PROVIDE UNLIMITED EYE & HAND PROTECTION. Goggles do not provide adequate protection against severe impacts such as explosions, fragmenting, grinding, or abrasive wheels. Goggles should not be worn to provide protection from other hazards, simulated combat games (such as paintball or airsoft), sports, and lasers. Do not use for operations that expose your eyes to harmful levels of optical radiation such as burning, cutting or welding with torches, electric (arc) welding, furnace or molten metal operations, or glass blowing. Misuse may result in severe burns, serious and permanent eye injury, including blindness or death.

Our New Commercial Drain Cleaner

Commercial Drain Cleaner

For Restaurant Kitchens, Restrooms, and Grease Traps

Check out our newest product:  Instant Power Commercial Drain Cleaner   Our Instant Power Commercial Drain Cleaner is used for the treatment and maintenance of restaurant kitchens, restrooms, and grease traps. Beneficial bacteria digest fats, oils, and greases (FOG) along with other organic waste that accumulates in these drains and grease traps. Regular use keeps drain lines free flowing and significantly reduces the cost of frequent grease trap pumping. Some of the highlights:
  • Controls Odors
  • Clears Slow Drains
  • Reduces Need for Frequent Grease Pumping
  • Safe for All Plumbing Pipes
  • Non Caustic.  Non Corrosive
Do not use in conjunction with bleach, disinfectants or other drain cleaning chemicals.

Does Your Disposal Smell?

If your disposal is starting to smell and you are looking for a solution to that problem then look no further as we have created a product that is made to control odors in your disposer. Our Instant Power Disposer and Drain Cleaner
  • Guaranteed Safe for Disposers
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Controls Disposer Odors
  • Keeps Drains Clear
Instant Power Disposer & Drain Cleaner will digest, break up and remove years of clinging, drain clogging deposits