Trying Main Line Cleaner Again

We had a great testimonial sent in recently by a customer who had tried our main line cleaner in the past but there was a catch.  Our main line cleaner didn’t work for him and he sent in his receipt and we refunded his money.  Faced with another blockage in his line, he decided to give it another try…and experienced different results. I’m compelled to share a little positive feedback with you. For background, a couple of years ago I used your “Main Line Cleaner” product on my badly stuck main sewer line. Three applications, carefully per instructions, failed to open it, and I was forced to give in and call a plumber. As it turned out, it was a pretty heavy root encroachment requiring a heavy duty industrial snake to drill it out. Disappointed, I took advantage of your guarantee, sent you the receipts for the three gallons of product, and you graciously and quickly sent me a full refund of my purchase price. If I wasn’t happy with the product, I was certainly more than impressed with your support for it, and your promptness in honoring my claim. With that in mind, last week I had a total blockage in the side line from my laundry room. I tried a few doses of crystal Drano, my cheap homeowners’ snake and a lot of elbow grease, and absolutely couldn’t budge it. I was down to calling a plumber, an action I dreaded. Based on your level of support for your product the previous time, I decided to try your Main Line Cleaner once again, feeling assured that I had nothing to lose. I let it sit for a day, hit it with hot water, and it broke free and drained! I just finished testing it with a load of laundry, and it seems perfectly healthy now. This time, it *did* do its job, did it well, and it save me a costly visit from a plumber. I’m *very* pleased, and I just thought I should let you know. -John Eads.

Fix Your Shower Drain Clog

hariandgreaseLG There is a reason we say our drain openers are 20x stronger than most on the market.  Read one customers experience with our hair and grease drain opener. I was skeptical when I bought this product, but I thought with the 100% money back guarantee it either had to work or I would get my money back. I had bought 2 bottles of Drano max gel and 1 bottle of Liquid Plumber and neither could remove the clog I had. I poured the entire bottle down my drain, I had no idea what type of clog I had, but it must have been bad if the other products did not work. Well the next morning when we took our showers, I was amazed no water filling up the tub. IT WORKED! This is now the ONLY product I will ever use again and recommend to all my friends. Thank you Marisa E. from Greensburg, PA

Refund for Main Line Cleaner

When we say 100% Guaranteed to work..we really mean it. Dear Sir, Thank you for your prompt action on my refund. Even though the Main Line Cleaner didn’t work for me,I won’t hesitate to try your products again. You stood by your product and stood by your word ! This is refreshing in this day and time of rip off ads. I appreciate the refund but I would rather have had the drain go down.Thank you again, Carl B.

Yes Our Products are 100% Guaranteed

Dear Sir, I wanted to e-mail you directly and extend my compliments to you and your company for your professionalism and customer dedication.  I recently purchased 2 gallons of your Main Line Cleaner to assist with a sewer backup issue I was having in my home.  I saw the “Money Back Guarantee” tag on the bottle but to be honest held out little hope that should your product not work that it would be worth pursuing.  After using the product as instructed and doing an additional second treatment my main remained clogged and it took a second visit by a plumber to do the trick.  In no way however did I feel your product was inferior.  I did however send off my receipts to avail of your guarantee, assuming it may be a futile gesture.  Yesterday, your refund check showed up in my mail.  I was surprised as this sort of customer dedication and willingness to stand behind a promise seems to be a lost art in many corporations, but clearly not at Scotch Corporation. I also wanted to let you know there are now 2 new bottles of your product in my basement and I will use them at 3 month intervals to keep my main line clean going forward.  Additionally, over the weekend,  I recommended your product line to a friend who was having similar issues with his drains and in his case your product worked as advertised saving him a large bill from a plumber. Again, my compliments on your service and willingness to stand behind your products.  You have made a long term customer out of me and I will not hesitate to recommend your products to friends and family.  Continued success in the future. Patrick C. from Baltimore, MD

Hairclog Remover is a Wonderful Product

Unclogs Your Shower Drain

Unclogs Your Sink Drain

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what one of our customers sent us: Dear Sir/Madam, Hair Clog Remover is a wonderful product. I have had a stopped up bathroom sink for about 6 weeks. I tried two of the nationally known brands that are advertised on TV and neither worked. I tried to snake the drain and plunge it and nothing worked. I finally had to put a small basin under the facet in case I forgot and turned on the faucet. I am self supporting and out of work so I could not afford a plumber. I have long hair and I am very careful of not letting hair go down the shower drain but somehow the bathroom sink got clogged up. Last night I was in Wal-Mart in Milford, CT and I was looking at the drain opener products, not they I intended to waste anymore money. I saw a red bottle that said Hair Clog Remover and it had a guarantee so I thought I would try it. I put it in the drain and left it for 3 1/2 hours even though the directions said that overnight was best. I then ran the hot water for about 5 minutes. I was so surprised that it worked. This was the first time I have seen your product in any store. I am so happy to have my bathroom sink back. This is an excellent product. Kind Regards, Sally Anne H.

Getting a Refund for Instant Power

Customer service is very important to us and we try and help all of our customers with their drain problems whether our products are right for their situation or not.  We received this note from a recent customer: Dear Sirs: On August 6th 2013, I sent you the following request for refund.  The refund was mailed to me August 19th. Thank you…. Your COMPANY and Customer Satisfaction Policy is excellent…… Upon receiving the refund, exposure to your other products, and reading customer reviews I have unconditionally recommended your products for use by several neighbors experiencing SEPTIC Tank and Leach Field problems. Even though I had a problem beyond your product capability… the resolution was commendable. Your COMPANY and Products will be highly recommended by me. Thank you Richard M. Orlando, FL

Help – Clogged Bathroom Sink Drain

This is a letter sent in from a customer: A. Norton- Menlo Park, CA I’m a grump. I write companies a lot to let ’em know I think their products are pretty junky. I justify this by praising folks who put out stuff that is good, that does or tastes like it should. Your “Instant Power guaranteed Hair & Grease Drain Opener” did the trick & opened my clogged bathroom sink drain like greased lightning!

Try Main Line Cleaner

Our Main Line Cleaner

We get amazing testimonials all the time from our customers and our main line cleaner continues to impress people with its results.  Often saving customers 100’s of dollars in plumbing charges.  Read what one customer sent us last week: “My drain that handles the kitchen and laundry in the basement under the floor backs up about every 2 years and is sluggish most times. I recently paid a plumber 195.00 to snake out the main drain and the one under the floor from the laundry and kitchen.  After he snaked both, the drain under the floor was still sluggish but that was the best he could do. 5 days later the laundry and kitchen drain was backing up.  I am a 48 year old single mom with 2 children still at home and I have no more money to spare.  I bought your Main Line Cleaner just because of the money back guarantee and I was extremely skeptical. I used one gallon of cleaner at 10am this morning and at 8:45pm I tried hot water but no luck.  I boiled a large soup pan of water to send down the drain and I also sent down 2 tea kettles full of boiling water. IT WORKED!!  I really thought that it wouldn’t but it did and I did not have to get the plumber back and pay more money!!” Thank YOU!!!! Connie S of Ohio

The Instant Power Guarantee and Main Line Cleaner

Sent in from a customer. Greetings… “It is very rare that a company will place such a “guarantee” on a product, and to be perfectly honest, that is exactly why I purchased it.  “If this product did not work, I wasted only a little time, but would receive my money back!” I was totally shocked by the complete delivery your product provided.  I’ve snaked, used other products and established an acceptable low flow return… but Main Line Cleaner in a single application positively opened our clog and my drain is running like it was just installed! I am very impressed and pleased with your marketing and especially your product efficacy.  Great product.  I have been an Environmental Inspector/Assessor since the mid-1980s and continuously run across clogs and slow drains.  I will highly recommend your product to all my customers and clients.  Again I want to say “Thank You” for a product that delivers as it is advertised!!” From Nick M. Remember there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all Instant Power Products!

The Scotch Corp Guarantee

All of our products are 100% Guaranteed to work or we refund your money.  Yes, we believe in our products that strongly.  Read about a recent experience below: I just wanted to do a follow up with you and let you know that my refund check arrived in today’s mail.  I also wanted to comment on the Scotch Corporation in general.  The fact that a company will stand behind their products like this company does is outstanding.  The timely matter in which you processed my refund and responded to my issue is exceptional.  I just wanted to say that even though the product didn’t work for me, I have no doubt that this company is a great one and that in the future (if ever needed for another clog) I will hopefully find another Scotch product that will in fact do the job.  Thanks again for your time and help with this matter. Kind Regards, Catherine J.