Very Slow Draining Bathroom Sink

slowdrainLGI bought a Jug of “Instant Power Slow Drain” and used it on a very slow draining bathroom sink. I’d tried several products over time for this problem and none worked. With your Guarantee I tried your product per instructions and WOW ! It worked as advertised. I’ve been a “Happy Camper ever since ! Thank you Scotch Corp ! Peter D from Mt. Holly, Ohio

Bathroom Sink Almost Completely Clogged

Instant Power Heavy Duty Drain Opener

Instant Power Heavy Duty Drain Opener

It can be a real pain when your bathroom sink is almost completely clogged: I have never done this before but your heavy duty drain opener worked so well that i wanted to thank you. Your product advertised that it would work no matter what and it did. My bathroom sink was so clogged it would barely drain anymore , it now works better than new thanks so much i will be using your company’s products from now on. Joshua C.

Backed up Utility Sink

One of our customers suffered through a tough clog in her utility room sink. It was a stubborn clog until she found our hair and grease drain opener. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your product. My household has had a clog that was just past the junction where the laundry/utility sink feeds into the pipe that comes down from the Kitchen sink. This has caused the utility sink to back up whenever we did dishes or laundry. We’ve tried Liquid Plumber and Draino crystals. I tried to snake it with a handheld snake, but because it was past a T-bend the snake would not turn the corner. We own a few cats and dogs and wash blankets, beds and rugs. I suspect a combination of clay dust from litter, pet hair, grease from the kitchen sink, and other things made quite a clog that we just couldn’t seem to get to break up. The water would eventually drain, but ever so slowly. We have been holding back on doing laundry for quite some days now because of the clog. Tonight my mother went out in a snow storm and came back with your Hair & Grease clog break-up liquid. It finally worked. There was no standing water when we used it. After we used it we ran a load of laundry and the water just flowed down like a whirlpool. I was so surprised I had to call my mother down to the basement to watch the water go down. I was so happy with the effectiveness of your product I had to write to say thank you. Next time we have a clog I’m going to save money and remember to get your product straight away. Sincerely. Melanie F from Baltimore MD

Buying for Just Looks

This was sent in by one of our customers: It’s always a good idea to have a bottle on hand. Several years ago, I purchased a bottle of your Instant Power Hair Clog Remover. I bought it just in case I would ever need it and because, the way the bottle looked, it seemed that it was a good product (LOL). My kitchen sink has been slow for quite some time, and this morning it was totally clogged and we could do anything to get it to unclog. My husband said, “We will have to call the plumber.” I told him to wait for me to find what I had in the house. I thought it might not work because it was so old. I had not read the instructions properly and I poured it down the drain with water yet in it. A few seconds later, I saw that I was suppose to get rid of the water. It didn’t matter that I had left the water in it, because within a couple of minutes my problem was solved. This is absolutely the best plumbing product I have ever witnessed, and I’ve been around a while. Please don’t change the formula. Usually, when I find a good product, they change the formula and mess it up! Vetrea, R from Harvest, Alabama

A Clogged Bathroom Sink – Solution

There are many reasons for a bathroom sink to become clogged and often times it is due to what you are putting down that drain.  Check out this testimonial sent in by one of our customers. … to “Hair & Grease,” to wit, Fixodent Denture Adhesive.  I have had periodic clogs in my bathroom sink where I clean my dentures of old adhesive nightly.  I’ve tried boiling water, baking soda and hot vinegar with indifferent success.  One four-hour soak with “Instant Power Hair & Grease” and it runs like new!  It was recommended by a floor clerk at Orchard Supply in Sand City, CA. Craig C.  

Heavy Duty Works Again

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for a great product!  I had a clog way down in the basement from my kitchen sink.  I tried a heavy snake but it only seemed to pack the clog tighter.  I thought I’d have to dis-assemble the pipes to get at it, then I seen your product (heavy duty drain opener) at Wal-Mart.  I figured for only about 4 bucks I might as well give it a try. I put about half a bottle in and let it sit for about 24 hours.  After 24 hours I filled the sink with hot water….still clogged I thought…then “whoosh” the water drained like crazy!!  I couldn’t believe it, a product that actually works!  Saved me a ton of trouble and mess, glad I found your great product.  Thanks again  : )  R.S. Buchholz from Wilton, WI

One Gallon of Main Line Cleaner vs a Plumber

One win for our Main Line Cleaner. “I bought a gallon of your Main Line Cleaner at Home Depot yesterday to try and unstop my bathroom sink. It had been almost completely stopped up for quite a while. I put the whole gallon down the drain and gave it 8 hours before putting a couple buckets of hot water down the drain. The drain cleared out completely in no time flat. Sure beats these weak drain cleaners or having to pay a plumber. Good stuff. ” Larry S. Mary Esther, Florida

Help – Clogged Bathroom Sink Drain

This is a letter sent in from a customer: A. Norton- Menlo Park, CA I’m a grump. I write companies a lot to let ’em know I think their products are pretty junky. I justify this by praising folks who put out stuff that is good, that does or tastes like it should. Your “Instant Power guaranteed Hair & Grease Drain Opener” did the trick & opened my clogged bathroom sink drain like greased lightning!

Hair and Grease Testimonial

Here is a product testimonial from a recent customer who used our hair and grease drain opener: Hello I just wanted to say thanks for making a product that actually works. With the economy the way it is I try to do a lot of the house repairs myself to save money. My kitchen sink WAS clogged with who knows what with 3 kids, so i went to Home Depot tried one of the other brands first it didn’t work, I tried my auger it didn’t work, went back to the store hours later I saw the big GUARANTEED on the bottle never tried Instant Power before but it wasn’t expensive so i said i’ll give it a try. Pour half the bottle down the drain waited 30 minutes and we have our sink no more clog. you have just earned another customer will continue using your products. THANKS AGAIN. CARL H.—from IL.

Bathroom Sink Clogged

hairclog_sm Another Review sent in for our instant power hair clog remover: Instant Power’s Hair Clogger Remover was completely successful in removing a significant clog in our bathroom sink drain. I had used one of your competitior’s product the day before. It did not work at all. So, I used Instant Power’s clog and waited overnight before flushing the drain with hot water. The drain was running better, but still slowly. So, I used Instant Power again, and waited a day before flushing the drain with hot water again. It completely cleared the clog. Thanks for a great product! It saved us the cost of a plumber’s call. Shirley G.