Slow Drain in Bathtub

Our Hair Clog Remover

For Drains Clogged with Hair

Think you have tried everything to solve that slow draining bathtub?  Check out what a recent customer sent us. I have been telling myself to do this for several weeks and just put it off. I’m writing to tell you how GREAT you Hair Clog remover works. I tired using Drain o several time’s in my tub and while it drained a little better for a while never did drain great. Well we were at Walmart to get another bottle of drain o my wife & I saw your product with the guaranteed on bottle so we both said why not if it don’t work it’s free. Well after using it ONCE I can understand why you guarantee it. It cleared up the clog completely and have not even had to use it again and that has been several weeks ago while if it had been drain o would have been doing it again. Thanks for a great product we have told many people about it. Sincerely George Anderson

Stubborn Bathtub Drain Clog

Do you know what it’s like to have a bathtub that is constantly getting clogged?  One of our customers, Margaret tells us her story. I just wanted to let you know that I am really happy with your product. We have lived in this house for 18yrs and have always had a problem with the way the tub drained in the bathroom. We have tried all sorts of products and we have snaked the drain we changed the pipes in the drain and the slope and on and on. We used your heavy duty drain cleaner and let it sit for one hour, nothing, the water just sat there. I left it figuring we would have to take the pipes apart again, a few hours later I went into the bathroom and noticed the tub was empty and dry, so I ran water and it went down the drain, I left it run for several minutes and it never once pooled in the tub. The best part about your product is that it is not a one time product, there is enough of the product for four uses. Thank you so much for having such a great product that really works. Margaret R.  from Neosho, Mo Thanks Margaret for sending this in and for having the patience to let the drain cleaner sit in the tub for awhile.

Clogged Bath Tub

Have you ever had a clogged bath tub that just drove you crazy?  It can be very frustrating to have chronic clogs in your plumbing system.  One of our customers sent in his story: “I am very impressed with your product (hair clog remover)!  We had a very bad clog in our bath tub.Twice we tried Drano and used the whole bottle with no results!I let your product sit over night and got amazing results! NO MORE CLOG! I also used it in our sink and worked great too!Your guarantee is great but I wont be using it.Thanks again for a great product! Will be using it again.  ” Kevin H. from Southgate, MI

Tough Grease Clog – Unclogged

Hair and Grease Drain Opener Works!

Hair and Grease Drain Opener Works!

Sometimes grease clogs can be very deep in the drain even past some Augers.  Doug sent this in to us: Dear Scotch Corp, Wanted to tell you I don’t need a refund nor do I have any complaints. I had a grease clog at least past 15 feet down my drain. I know this because that’s as long as my drain auger is and I still couldn’t get it unclogged. I know it was grease because the tip of the auger had grease in it when I pulled it out. Your product (instant power hair and grease remover) worked like a charm!  Be sure to know that I’d use it again and I’ll make it a point to tell everyone I know. Tell your marketing and advertising department they can take the next few weeks off, Dougs out plugging (no pun intented) your product. Thanks Again, Doug Langeberg

Let it Sit in The Drain Overnight

Unclogs Your Shower Drain

Unclogs Your Drain

WOW!!!!!!!! YOUR PRODUCT, INSTANT POWER HAIR CLOG REMOVER REALLY WORKS!!!! I let it sit in the drain over night and WOW, no clogged drain! I have tried other products and nothing seemed to work. It is nice to see good products on the market that do what they claim to do. Thanks for such a good product. Beverly from Sun City West, AZ

Get Rid of Rust Stains on Toilets

toiletbowlrestorer Do you have rust stains on your toilets?  Have you tried everything to remove them…have you tried our toilet bowl restorer? I can’t believe it! I have been fighting rust stains in my bathrooms for 12 years! We even removed the toilets and put in new ones because the stains were so bad, and we had tried everything. Now my NEW toilets are horrible! Your product (toilet bowl restorer) cleaned them in two treatments! Thank You, Thank You!! -Bobbie Pierce

Unclog Your Drain in Minutes

Unclogs Your Shower Drain

Unclogs Your Drain

Have you ever had a drain clog up and water starts building up to where it reaches your ankles or higher?  Our loyal customer Mary does: I am writing to let you know what a marvelous product this is. I have been using it for a couple of years now and it is super. The first time I used it I was standing ankle deep in water but after pour some into the drain it was cleared out in just a few minutes. Good job! Mary D from Solon, Ohio

Refund for Main Line Cleaner

When we say 100% Guaranteed to work..we really mean it. Dear Sir, Thank you for your prompt action on my refund. Even though the Main Line Cleaner didn’t work for me,I won’t hesitate to try your products again. You stood by your product and stood by your word ! This is refreshing in this day and time of rip off ads. I appreciate the refund but I would rather have had the drain go down.Thank you again, Carl B.

Dog Hair Clogging Bathtub Drain

Hair Clog Remover

10 Times Stronger than Common Drain Openers!

Using the bathtub to wash your dog can make cleaning your dog easy but over time it can also clog up that drain because of all the dog hair. One of our customers had this exact situation. I would like to congratulate you on the great product that I have just discovered. I’m not sure if I have just overlooked your product or if “my store” has just started carrying the Hair Clog product but I will use nothing but yours from now on. My daughter has a minature Austrailian Shepperd that is being trained as a farm dog. Needless to say, Izzy needs to be bathed often and usually in my tub. I have used many of your competitors to try to unclog the drain, nothing! But the first time I used your product…wow! The clog was gone. Again, thank you for a product that actually does as it promises. Patti E. Munfordville, Ky